NCC is primarily an eco-camping trek. Accommodation on the ‘Numbur Cheese Circuit’ ranges from a few well-established lodges at Those, Shivalaya, Deurali, Serding and Bhandar on the Everest Base Camp route, to newly developed eco-camping sites combined with the family home-stays in magnificent Sherpa and Newari homes.

Without a doubt, one of the many exciting experiences for visitors to NCC is Eco-camping. Visitors can spend 5 to 7 nights at the designated eco-camping sites at Panipakha, Manedanda, Panchpokhari, Tare, and Ngeju. Eco-camping sites are equipped with safe drinking water, kitchen cum porter shelter, dry stone wall and drainage facilities. Visitors need to bring camping gear like tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, kitchen kits, and all food items and fuel (e.g., kerosene). Experienced porters and trained local guides can help to manage your camping in these wilderness areas.

Home-stay Accommodation

Home-stay facilities can be enjoyed at Khahare, Lhachhewar, Kyama, Gumdel and Lapchane. Visitors can enjoy the basic accommodation and facilities at the traditionally managed home-stay lodging of the Sherpa and Newar communities. Boiled and filtered drinking water and hygienic toilets are available at all home-stays. Bucket hot shower can be available upon request. Visitors are allowed and expected to observe and participate as well in the traditional activities of Sherpa communities.

Day 1

What is a Home-stay?

Rural Nepali’s have a traditional love for meeting people, making new friends and welcoming guests into their homes. In turn, for many Nepali as well as visitors to Nepal, there is little that is more interesting than staying as guests in a traditional Nepali home. When staying with a Nepali family guests live the life as the local people do, and feel being treated like part of the family. more...
Hotel and Lodges

A few well-established lodges are available at Those, Shivalaya, Deurali, and Bhandar. Serding has a few hotels and lodges with basic facilities. Here, you can select items from a simple menu as is common in other popular trekking routes in Nepal. Bucket hot shower can be available upon request.