Tourism Attractions


It is also the home to beautiful glaciers and moraines, such as Linkhu Nup, Bigphere Go, Surmoche and Likhu. The folded mountain range towards southern Likhu valley, rocky mountains in and around Panchpokhari areas, glaciated landscape at Tare Kharka and the colorful Ngeju Kharka are some of the most scenic landscapes in NCC. High Himalayan lakes, revered by pilgrims and rich in biodiversity, including Panchpokhari, Jatapokhari, Bhalepokhari, Dudhpokhari are also the prime attractions for visitors.
The circuit also provides ample opportunities to observe the rich biodiversity along the Khimti and Likhu river valleys that comprises the range from temperate to alpine vegetation and consists of folded pine forest, blooming rhododendrons, scattered bamboo patches and colorful pastures. The diverse vegetation types also provide suitable habitat for the beautiful and endangered wild animals such as the red panda, musk deer, Himalayan tahr and the snow leopard as well as bird species.. The NCC also hosts vibrant Sherpa cultures and with traditional lifestyles at Khahare, Lhachhewar, Kyama, Gumdel, Serding and Newari culture at Lapchane and Those villages. The traditional mountain pastoralism, yak cheese production and agriculture-based rural lifestyle could be some of the added attractions to the NCC. Beautiful monasteries particularly in Lhachhewar, Kyama, Gumdel, Bhandar and Thodung along the trail offer visitors a connection to the spiritual . Occasional fairs and festivals like Lhosar (during February), Buddha Purnima (During May), Janaipurnima festival (during August in Panchpokhari) are some additional assets of the NCC.

Summary of tourist attractions in the Numbur Cheese Circuit:

Major Valley: Khimti and Likhu River valley
Best viewing peaks (from right to left): Sarmoche peak (5255m), Ramdung peak (5930m), Chukyima Go (6259m), Bigphrea Go Nup (6666m), Paniyo Tipa (6696m), Paniyo Shar (6549m) and Numberchuli (Shorong Yul Lha (6959m)
Glaciers: Linkhu Nup Glacier, Bigphere Go Glacier, Surmoche Glacier, Likhu Glacier
Major passes: Panchpokhari pass (4605m) and Gyajo La (4880m)
Beautiful high altitude lakes: Panch Pokhari, Jata Pokhari, Boula Pokhari, Bhale Pokhari, Dudh Pokhari
Beautiful pasturelands: Manedanda, Kholakharka, Tare, Kholaseer, Ngeju
Beautiful flora: Temperate to alpine vegetation, blooming rhododendron, Taxus, Alnus, Pine forest, bamboo forest, Primulas.
Beautiful fauna: musk deer, red panda, Himalayan thar, snow leopard, Himalayan black beer, Langoor monkey, and more than 300 species of birds including pheasants (Danfe),
Best view points: Phokte, Manedanda, Panchpokhari, Gyajo La, Serding (Punnasa danda), Ekanagi/Lapchane
Beautiful monastery: Thudung, Bhandar, Gumdel, Kyama, Lhachhewar
Traditional practices: Terraced farming, seasonal grazing, traditional cheese production practices, ethno-botanical practices, production of slow food like potato, cheese, wild foods, barley etc.
Festivals and events: Lhosar celebration, Yak/Chouri dance, Janaipurnima festival during August